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About Us


Exotica Erotica was founded by a 24 year old woman who wanted safe products that could more easily be used by couples after many frustrating experiences with trying to enjoy a sex toys with her partner.


The cheap vibrators would randomly turn off or on in the middle of play, they would be made with low grade and inflexible plastic, and were ill suited to accommodate many positions with a partner.


Annoyed with these poorly made toys being responsible for ruining the mood, she designed her own series of high quality sex toys which would measure up to her standards and much more effectively allow her to have fun by herself, or with a partner.

Our Unique Products

Our Unique Products

At least 75% of women require clitoral stimulation to orgasm. We stimulate everything.

Given that Exotica Erotica toys were designed specifically to solve issues experienced first-hand by its founder with other sex toys, they are extremely innovative and are set apart from other sex toys by using unusually high quality materials.

  • SAFE

    • The toys are wrapped in smooth medical grade silicone which is both extremely durable, hypoallergenic, and safe to insert into the human body.


    • Each product is USB rechargeable which is convenient for travel and so you have peace of mind your toy won’t die out on you in the throes of passion. This also reduces disposable battery waste from damaging the environment.


    • These toys are flexible enough to be used with a partner to get right in that perfect sweet spot without awkwardly getting in the way for added excitement.


    • All our products are completely waterproof for fun in the bath or shower and also safe and easy to clean​


    • Despite the powerful motors and multiple vibration patterns, these toys are also designed to be extremely quiet and discreet so they can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.


    • The toys also heat up to human body temperature which makes them extremely comfortable and fun to use alone and immediately when the mood strikes you.

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